Reasons to Consider UK Short Term Car Insurance

UK short term car insurance is car insurance offered in the United Kingdom that can be purchased for short single or recurring periods. Often the shortest insurance period is one day and it can go up to weeks or several months. Policies can be for a set time specified beforehand or the policy can be a recurring monthly one in which the policy holder can cancel at any time and owe the company nothing further.
There are a variety of reasons to consider short term car insurance. A few of them are as follows:

Protection When Borrowing a Car

One of the most common uses of short term auto insurance is when borrowing a car, perhaps from a friend or relative. Either the car owner of the person borrowing the car can take out the temporary insurance as long as both parties agree to it. This makes it very convenient to purchase quickly, especially if one buys it online using a credit card. If you borrow somebody elseís vehicle, chances are you wonít get into an accident, but if you do it can be very nice to know that you are covered and that you will not be stuck with an obligation to pay your friend for damages should anything unfortunate happen.

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Protection When Lending a Car

This is merely the reciprocal of the above item. Getting insurance when you lend your car to a friend protects you as a car owner for the same reason given above: in the event of damage to the vehicle, you will not be responsible for it financially. You can have the borrower pay the cost of the policy of course. You can tell the friend who is borrowing the car about the ability to take out short term insurance and tell them that all they need to do is make a quick online payment to get it. Or if they do not have the money to buy insurance themselves and you are willing to you can buy it for them.

Protection When Initially Test Driving/Buying a Car

Often when you wish to drive a car you have just bought away from the site where you purchased it, problems arise because you donít already have it insured. There can even be problems if you wish to drive around the block for a test drive. Though not highly likely, an accident could occur during a test drive. Taking out temporary insurance after deciding you would like to test drive and probably buy a vehicle is thus a very good idea. If you do decide to purchase, you can simply drive the car away (as long as you have already registered it and your registration is still good).

For Emergency Situations

UK short term car insurance can be useful in various emergency situations. One hypothetical example is the following: Letís say you have two vehicles, one which is insured and one which isnít. You hear that a relative has been involved in some kind of accident and you need to drive several hours to see them immediately. The insured car is being used by another member of your family. You thus quickly take out short term insurance on the vehicle for a period of a few days and then race off to see the injured relative.

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